Fay-Ann eyes Hollywood


There is excitement in the Asylum camp with news that it’s ‘Vi-queen” Fay-Ann Lyons Alvarez is seeking to make inroads on the Hollywood movie circuit.

No longer is the music vixen confining her ambitions to this aspect of entertainment. It seems she is making moves to add acting to her resume, and eventual list of achievements.

It’s no secret that the former International Soca Monarch and Road March Monarch is ambitious, as illustrated in the coveted titles she has attained in convincing fashion.

Today, however, the celebrated local singer/songwriter revealed to this aspect of her master plan, and, she has already made crucial advances towards realising this feat.

Interviewed, Fay-Ann spoke of subtle moves already made to firmly affix her brand to the movie capital of the world–Hollywood, California.

“I got the opportunity to do one or two little one-liners in an actual movie in 2017, which is great. And, we are actively looking at getting me an agent in Los Angeles. With Carnival (2018) commenced, I am due back in LA to sit with some prospective agents.”

She added, “People see acting, but they don’t understand there is a whole different world besides just the acting that you can get yourself involved in, especially in a place like LA.”

But what genre of film will Fay-Ann be appearing? Comedy, romance, drama, romance-drama or science-fiction?

Should that aspect of her entertainment ambitions blossom, Fay-Ann will be placed in esteemed company with Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and the late Whitney Houston, all of whom comfortably made the transition from music to the big screen.

Fay-Ann would put a unique spin on it, however, citing it would be the first time a female performer from the world of soca music would have made this leap. The entertainers mentioned previously emerged from the pop and or R&B circuit.

But the allure of becoming an actress is not the only thing that occupies Fay-Ann’s attention. Closer to home she has realised another quiet desire: presenting a section with a major pretty mas band just in time for the National Carnival Bands Association (NCBA) Parade of Bands for Carnival 2018. The premium mas band is Fantasy Carnival, which also has the sister mas brand Entice.

Atlanta is the name of the section unveiled at a private launch on October 17.

“I will be on the road with Fantasy Carnival. I launched a section in Fantasy Carnival. The costume is done. We’ve done the music. We are doing the mas,” she says.

With all these excitable undertakings, great care is being applied to ensure the music, which anchors her family’s success does not become a causality.

She made it clear that ensuring the Asylum brand stays relevant remains a major priority for the ‘First Family of Soca.’

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